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Calling all contractors, architects and DIY enthusiasts! When it comes to construction, Chemicon knows that skilled hands and the right products are your tools for success.

Which is why our technical sales team will assist you with selecting everything you need in order to achieve your development dreams.

We have the know-how and supply a superior product range at reasonable rates, so let’s get you started on your successful building project.

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Making your building project a success from the first to the final coat!

We are a construction chemicals supply company that provides high-quality products and reliable services to our customers throughout South Africa.

We distribute and sell Nano technology waterproofing, damp and waterproofing systems, epoxy and polymer-based products as well as hybrid sealants developed especially for the harsh African environment.


Our Guarantee:

We offer supreme customer-service, the technical back-up and personalised installation assistance.

Chemicon Construction Chemicals Products

We are proud suppliers of the following:

Nanotechnology Waterproofing Products

Our Nanotechnology Waterproofing is a 100% Organo Silane, eco-friendly, water soluble reactive system, with penetration of up to 2mm into concrete pores and cementitious surfaces. Nanotechnology chemically reacts with concrete, it is breathable, UV and heat stable. Nanotechnology is nano sized particles that penetrate the most minuscule cracks and surface abnormalities to create an unbreakable bond.

These state of the art products, supplied by Zydex to South Africa, is cutting edge technology to provide the industry with cost effective and innovative waterproofing systems.

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Waterproofing Products

Our waterproofing products ensure that your building or structure is protected from the detrimental effects of damp and water damage. We have effective, long-lasting and high-quality products that offer solutions from new installations, repairs on old and leaking roofs, basements and all types of buildings and projects.

These products range from highly flexible polyurethane/silane hybrid systems developed to have superb gap bridging, permanent flexibility and a one-step application process to avoid time consuming over coating processes, to cementitious and water-based acrylic systems.

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Epoxy Systems

A wide range of epoxy systems are available for standard floor coatings, high build durable floor coatings, concrete repairs, concrete sealants and primers.

Our dependable range of carefully designed floor coatings boast a durable and long-lasting composition in a wide variety of finishes to suit your residential or commercial projects. From the kitchen to the bedroom, we have a coating that will complete your space.
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Polyurethane Systems

We supply a wide range of systems of high performance and durable coatings from single part non-yellowing to chemical resistant systems.
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About Us

Chemicon was founded on the basis of becoming a one-stop shop for all your waterproofing, flooring and concrete coating requirements.

Our foundation is reinforced by our commitment to providing the highest quality construction products and offering our customers the best service.

We are experts that specialise in construction applications and will help you to select the most effective products available to meet all your requirements.

Our Values

  • We aim to exceed expectations and deliver on our promises.
  • We pride ourselves on our level of expertise and product knowledge that will add value to your projects.
  • We are invested in creating long-lasting partnerships with our customers, one that culminates in a positive outcome for all.

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